We now have more than 2.5 million customers and almost all Dutch people are familiar with one or more of our brands. Our business is no longer growing solely in our cornerstone areas of power and gas, although this remains the basis from which we develop new propositions and channels. Loyalty is becoming ever more important and the energy transition – sustainability, smart home and e-mobility – is well and truly underway. It is a dynamic market that still holds amazing numbers of secrets and therefore also opportunities!

In Marketing, we are seizing these opportunities! Every single day, we work passionately on new earnings models, implementing new propositions and running campaigns targeting specific groups, enabling us to achieve growth alongside power & gas.

We think in terms of customer journeys and place great value on ‘our conscience’: RADAR (Research, Analytics, Database Marketing and Reporting). We make it extremely simple for our customers to obtain innovative (energy) solutions for their homes, making their lives more pleasant and convenient.

How do we do that? By continuously researching how we can provide our customers with the best service in the short and long term, raising their awareness of their latent needs. We do this with enthusiastic Marketing Specialists determined to make an impact every single day and to ask the right questions at the right times. They are able to home in on the details while retaining an overview of the big picture. Standing still is not an option and innovation is what drives them!

Want to work in Marketing?

We can't wait! We are standing by to work with you in developing even more innovative campaigns and propositions that will make a difference for our current and potential customers. Whether it's in the role of Marketeer, Product Manager or Innovation Manager, with us, you will have the opportunity to apply your entrepreneurship and creativity in working to achieve a new energy world. That's quite an ambition! We therefore expect you to be decisive and focused on results. If there is anywhere that you can make a difference, it's here.

Are you willing to turn the energy world upside down?