Digital & Online

The energy transition is now really taking off! More than 10% of Dutch people have solar panels on their roofs and over 50% have smart meters. Digital developments are happening in rapid succession. Consumers and businesses are helping to make their homes and buildings smarter, more sustainable and more comfortable.

Digital & Online plays a crucial role  in the energy system of the future. We believe that creating a sustainable energy landscape is possible only if you listen to the needs of the modern, digital world. In the years ahead, it will be full steam ahead in developing  smarter solutions and applying the latest technological developments in practical applications. Our aim is to be the leading digital energy company, the digital leader.

How do we do that? With a lot of determination and courage! We only think in terms of customer journeys, increasingly working in agile teams and never relying on gut feeling alone; data is what drives us! There is no other way in this dynamic market, where customer demand and technology are continuously changing. All of this enables us, together with our regional service partners, to respond rapidly to the needs of our customers and offer the very best digital solutions.

Want to work in Digital & Online?

If so, an enormous challenge awaits you! Our teams are continuously managing, designing and developing new digital services for our customers, enabling them to have a major impact on innogy's success.

From specialists in online marketing, social media and UX/UI, to analysts, data scientists, experienced team leads and project managers: all of them committed professionals  knowing their business. Innovation is part of our DNA and standing still is not an option!

The question for you is how we can do it even better and even smarter. We want to learn from you and are curious about your new and exciting insights.

Are you willing to turn the energy world upside down?