How we work

The world of energy is changing. At the speed of light. Innovations make our lives more convenient, efficient and sustainable. We are entering an age in which we generate our own energy and can share it amongst each other. Or even join forces. This involves moving towards a more sustainable world, but also all of the positive energy released during the process. For us, it can’t happen fast enough. This is why we are investing in new initiatives or even going back to the drawing board ourselves. In the process, we are inspiring people and enabling them to make their own individual contribution to improving their lives by putting the unparalleled possibilities of energy into action.

You have it in you

Who are we looking for? Ideally, we would like you to be a free thinker. An entrepreneurial spirit who develops new ideas and solutions with courage, passion and creativity. You are smart, full of initiative, and inquisitive. There’s something about you that sparks enthusiasm in others. When you talk about your ideas, the room lights up. Before we even realise it, we are cheering you on. That's what makes you so special: not only are you full of ideas, you also know how to achieve them in practice. You take ownership, collaborate with your colleagues and find inspiration in them. You are aware of laws and practical objections standing in between dream and deed. But once you have an idea in your head, you  break down all barriers. The desire to make an impact is what makes you one of us.

For you, from innogy

As a free thinker at innogy, you will join an organisation that offers every freedom to experiment. Where standing out from the crowd is rewarded. In terms of money, opportunities and personal growth. We want to learn from you and are curious about your new and exciting insights. Entrepreneurial spirits like you are boundless. We want to connect with you instead of binding you.  This is why we offer you control over your own career. Perhaps you would like to see more of the world? Or set out on a journey of discovery? With our international network, you can go in all directions.

Are you ready to turn the energy world upside down?